Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling story in an Indian traditional dress.

Meena a little girl aged 5 from a Hindu Middle-class family had always fancied herself wearing a beautiful silk Banarasi silk saree/salwar kameez like her mother/elder sister would when going off to work or wearing them on special occasions. Being a small girl, she was given to wear dresses/frocks with pretty frills which never really appealed to her much only because she fancied herself in an Indian traditional dress so wearing a ghagra choli/saree on special occasions was something she always looked forward to as it allowed her to bring out her true inner self thus satisfying her dreams to some extent. While at school she admired her teacher wearing varieties of beautiful sarees/salwar kameez like her mother/elder sister and her fantasy grew even more wild and impatient like the story we all know of the little ugly duckling who grew up to become a beautiful swan. Her college days made her browse through some of the fashion catalogs advertised in Vogue magazines since she felt that the days grew near and that she would have the green signal to dress the way she wanted to and not what was given to her. On her first job as a receptionist a in hotel line she enjoyed wearing the traditional Indian saree that she so longed for on a daily basis but unfortunately it did not last long since it was the standard dress code routine by the company that all of her colleagues worn which never made her stand out amongst the crowd.

The choice of her dream finally came to reality when she got the opportunity to wear the most beautiful bridal red silky Banarasi saree straight from the showroom which was beautifully dressed in the mannequin that stood in the first row of the displayed window for her marriage. She was admired by many friends, relatives and guest attendees pouring in numerous comments telling her how wonderful she looked. The radiant face with the sparkly eyes could not hide the joy that she so longingly craved for. Post her marriage her got to wear the traditional Indian dresses of her choice for a job that allowed her to do so and she was often commended well for her dress appearance be it with a sarees/salwar kameez on. Imagine yourself to be in her shoe where your fantasy turns out to be a dream reality and how stunning you look in that gorgeous Indian dress amongst your fellow colleagues.

Here is an online store that caters to your traditional Indian women collection with varieties of vibrant colours that match your personality and gets you to stand out amongst the crowd like Meena did. How wonderful it feels to be that beautiful Swan rather than the ugly duckling that was often neglected in the story that we are all so familiar with during our childhood days.




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